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Sports Nutrition Specific Diet Program

Sports Nutrition Specific Diet Program

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Every athlete desires for hight strength and endurance. But for this the athletes should know what is sports nutrition and what they should intake which is sports nutrition specific. A human body needs various nutrients ans for that a healthy diet  and proper intake of food in relation to body’s dietary needs is required. An athlete should follow a sports nutriton specific diet which provides every essesntial nutrients required for their body. If they will have a diet high in energy, fats, sugar or salt, it will reduce their endurance because of insufficient/ imbalanced intake of foods/nutrients. Are you a competitive athlete facing stress, fatigue and low energy during games. Contact us for sports nutrition plan and see the difference of your own victory. 


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Excellent dietitian who gives custom plans and regular changes to your diet plans so that you enjoy your journey of weight loss enjoyable..lost 7 kg in 2.5 months even when i could follow 70 % of her plans..recommended....she is also kids sports nutritionist...

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On: 20 Feb 2018
Hetal  Saraiya
Dt. Hetal Saraiya
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