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  • Eat Smart for Sports

    In Health Tips On 15 February 2017

    A person, in o rder to be a successful sportsman or sportswoman needs to take a good care of his or her diet plans on a daily basis. They need more energy, proteins, vitamins, calories, minerals, carbohydrates and fats than other people, who are not involved in sports. Also, the requirement of energy varies in different sportsperson. Gym goer, fitness enthusiast, fitness model, choreographer, Elite athletes, Marathon runners all fall in this category. Based on their sports Nutrition requirement is different. The different requirements in the diets of a sportsman are explained as follows: 1.    Carbohydrates: It is found in whole grains and fruits. Also the diet should comprise of foods rich in fiber. 2.    Proteins: Proteins are the building blocks of the body which is why a sportsperson need it the most. It builds their immunity and increases the ability of the body to handle physical stress and strain. It is found in chicken, fish egg whites, milk, yoghurts, beans etc.  3.    Fats: They are required for the proper lubrication of the bones. They also help in the absorption and transportation of fat soluble vitamins. Have foods with saturated fats like nuts, olive oil, fatty fish, low fat milk and low fat dairy products. 4.    Vitamins & Minerals: Adequate amount of vitamins maintain the health and integrity of the cell bodies in the body. It also fights against the stress by destroying few unnecessary substances in the body and increasing antioxidants. 5.    Hydration: Proper hydration of the body is essential for a sportsperson in addition to other necessary nutrient requirements since it increases the functionality of the person. This is because proteins might result in constipation in the body the effect of which is nullified by the supply of adequate amount of water. 6.    Fiber: Apart from these, foods rich in fiber are also required since presence of adequate amount fiber in the body helps in having regular bowel movement in a person.  7.    Salt intake: Salt is an important ingredient in the diet of the sportsperson since salt is the key source of sodium which has contribution towards keeping one healthy.   

  • Water, Essential Part of Life : An Athletic Perspective.

    In Health Tips On 19 April 2018

    The poet, W.H. Auden once said, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” These words are scientifcally true since the average person can only live for three days without water. Essential bodily fluids are lost continuously through breathing, perspiration, and frequent urination. According to Mayo Clinic, an adult body consists of approximately 60% water. Depending on the fat content, body’s water content can vary from about 45% (obese individuals) to 70% (lean individuals). Water is so critical for health, growth and development that even minor fluctuations in its balance (just 1% of total body water loss) can adversely affect the body’s physical and mental co-ordination. Thirst sensations begin once  the body has lost 2-3% of  water. Sally Barclay, clinician in food science and human nutrition, says “Mild-to-moderate symptoms of dehydration include increased thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, decreased urination, dark-coloured urine, headache, dry skin and dizziness. In severe dehydration, you can see extreme forms of these symptoms and also confusion, sunken eyes, almost no urine output, low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and fever.” Barclay further explained that proper hydration can prevent these problems, and also prevent cavities and overheating of the body, promote cardiovascular health, detoxify the body and keep the skin supple. Do not rely on you thirst Mechanisms to tell you to drink. If you feel thirsty, it is too late. Your body has begun to feel the effects from dehydration and your performance will suffer along with your body. Do not wait that long. Tweak these guidelines this Guidelines to meet your needs: Timings Recommendation Every day Drink Adequate fluids. Roughly 1 ml for every calorie consumed. i.e. If you eat 4000 calories, drink 4000 ml fluids. 2-3 hours before Training / competition 500 ml – 700ml of Fluid. 15-20 minutes  prior to Training/ competition 300-500ml of fluid Every 15-20 minutes during training /competition.  200-300 ml of fluid Exercise longer than 1 hour Be sure to include carbohydrate source in the form of solid, gel or sports drinks. Consume roughly 30-60 gms of carbohydrate/ hour/ 600-1200 ml of sports drink will fulfil this need. After Exercise Give your chance to cool down completely until your heart rate is normalized. 720 ml of water for every pound lost from

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